by These Branches

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released May 3, 2013

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Bernsten
at Developing Nations Recording in Baltimore, MD.

All songs written and performed by
Nicholas Hertzberg and Bryan Batiste.

Artwork by Nicholas Hertzberg.




These Branches New Jersey

Of what we used to Believe.


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Track Name: The Immaculate Split
the most precious of things
need not begin
under a steeple (just need to believe)
to hold together two people
but as empires crumble, sands run through an hourglass
and all those other cliches
there is no excuse for how we ended up this way
the most rotted of bonds
just had to begin
under the pretense
they wouldn't end
time was running out
out on us
and then we split
Track Name: Cavity
Ignorance feeds, intolerance breeds
a clenched fist (yields) a ruined dream (yields)
a dying breed (yields) a fleeing scene
when did we start to
lose our humanity?
mirroring apes, ancestors brutality
digging deep to find our hearts true cavity
Track Name: The Sequestered Dream
watching, waiting, believing
someone is up there listening
watching, waiting, hoping
to build something of meaning
watching, waiting, believing
you will answer to me
watching, waiting, hoping
you'll take responsibility
no matter how many coins you throw
into that wishing well
there is no dreaming coming true
in this hell
in this hell
Track Name: Beliefs
Ghosts of what we
Used to believe
Mere shades of it now
Learning to cope somehow
Not holding our breaths until they are all gone.