This One's On You

by These Branches

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Recorded, Mixed and Mastered from July 8th 2010 until December 8th 2010 by Bryan Batiste & Nick Hertzberg @ Rental Car Mountain Studios, Ship Bottom NJ.


released February 12, 2011

Nick Hertzberg- Vocals/Guitar/Bass
Bryan Batiste- Guitars/Backing Vocals
Tony Jaber- Bass
Ryan Mortola- Drums
Paul Lewis- Backing Vocals




These Branches New Jersey

Of what we used to Believe.


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Track Name: Linen Lines
you will use up all of your skin lying in the bed you’re lying in, where nothing is for sure, except the need for comfort, for support, which we neglected to show to the ones who deserve it the most. wasting all of our time reading in between… we’ve been wasting time reading in between the linen lines.
Track Name: Getting By
been getting my six hours a night and two shifts a week. but, it doesn’t mean a thing unless I make ends meet. support only seems to work if you have your two feet on the ground. been getting by, past your demise, I’m so surprised you haven’t noticed yet. but, it doesn’t mean a thing unless I make this sing. I’ve been getting by, I’ve been wasting time, all this standing by on the minute hand, on your watch.
Track Name: Virgin Versions
this decision took me so long, but thank you for your patience. what I’m doing here is so wrong, rob you of your innocence. first time is a charm. just please turn down the lights low, and I hope that you mean it. yeah, for you I’ll put on a show, pretend that we’re so closely knit…then we chewed through the stitches. oh ladybird, haven’t you heard? nothing will be the way it once was (to me).
Track Name: This One's On You
been doing this for so long, costs outweigh benefits, asked my friends how long to go on, they point to me and say, "this one’s on you." I was dragged down, I was let down, as a sign of things to come. broken promises, empty pockets, since when have skies looked so gray? as lies fall down from the most jaded of tongues to the most sincere ear-drums... then I made a vow and I screamed it to the sky, “I will do this on my own, till I die.”
Track Name: Skullhat Sings the Blues
just because you are miserable doesn’t mean everyone else has to be. Just because you screwed it up once doesn’t mean I’m going to. Once again we’re okay, now that you’re not here, once again we’re okay after losing all we lost to fear. Just because you are so ordinary doesn’t mean everyone else has to be. Just because you knew me once doesn’t mean you’ll ever know me again. Just because you’re you, doesn’t mean I have to be too.
Track Name: Thrillher
I used to put faith in photographs and fornication, but now I got the smarts to instill it all in you. who knows what makes you do the things you do, maybe I do? a home once held deep meaning, now I find it fleeting right out of my vernacular. packed my bags, I wont’ look back at her. I used to know what I wanted, but now I’m not the same old kid. this town once was so faithful, now we’re doing all that we are able to. life is so full of maybes, I’ll take what’s set in stone: nothing.
Track Name: Anatomyne
your mouth is full of spit, in your stomach there sits a brick, and your hearts out there on your arm- on your sleeve, my bloody nose makes me leave. hope that one day we would be as beautiful as your body. your lips kiss and put me to sleep, in my heart is where I’ll keep you alive. and though your eyes may sometimes cry, hold my hand and we’ll thrive. hope that one day we would be as beautiful as your body can be.
Track Name: Garden State
far away from here, that’s where our hope lies, scattered like change across the floor. far away from heart, that’s where I’ll give you reasons to walk alone in the dark. forgive and forget quickly replaced with refuse we ever met, last fall. will we make it through? we’ll have to make a date, when I’m home from my trip to the garden state.
Track Name: Summer Somewhere Else
oh hey there moon, I heard you went away, hope you’ll be back soon, hope you’re here to stay, because the sun has been burning me with all its glitz and its glare, the sun has been killing me and all we can do is simply stare. oh hey there skin, you’re not looking so hot, in the shape that you’re in, hope your something I’m not, because the sun has been burning me with all its glitz and it’s glare, the sun has been killing me and all we can do is simply stare into your shining eyes and promises of
un-cancerous lives. we, no we won’t, buy into it anymore. we will thrive under your rays for the rest of our lives.
Track Name: For The Sake of Song
my only, I noticed every subtlety. From the biting the inside of your lip, to your trust, it has changed me. Let me explain myself: I put you in this song so my (our) friends can sing along; see us in each other’s skin, past to fade, new to begin. I know I’m saying a whole lot, you’d argue that I’m not; I just hope for my sakes, somehow, this will find you.