Blank Pages & Blank Faces

by These Branches

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Debut EP from These Branches.

5 Songs on Physical Copy (sold out)

Each physical CD designed 100% individually, hand painted, stamped and created- no two are alike.


released July 31, 2009

Songs written between: 02/2009-07/2009
Recorded: 07/2009
Recorded/Written/Designed by: Nick Hertzberg + Ryan Mortola




These Branches New Jersey

Of what we used to Believe.


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Track Name: Got to Sleep
woke up deep and early at the bottom, like waking up, late middle aged, tired all alone...but i never felt better.
Track Name: Golden Pages
i wasn't aware that they changed the meaning of you to me, overnight, late last night- no wonder nothing ever went right. the dictionary finds itself on the floor again, after fleeing the top shelf, aimed for my head. you can only bury yourself in your books so far, my only weapon being my words and this guitar. so your tone poems never brought any sleep, doesn't mean i don't love you all so deep, so your words were complicated and hand-picked out, doesn't mean i ever had, any bit of doubt. you're turning the pages.
Track Name: Enjoy the Ride
we all drift towards the light, but how can you see it if you don't even try to open up those eyes? please let me know if we drift away, please let me know if we pass something of interest on the way out.
Track Name: Just No Good
i saw you this morning, or was it last night? you've been far worse, far worse for wear. from where i'm standing, do you remember holding your hair back for good measure? i hope that you certainly recall the tape loop of everything that went wrong, our misunderstandings, do you remember, taking your words back for good measure? you're just no good, what use are you to anyone in this condition? i'm just no good, what use am i to anyone in this situation? i'm just another mess.